Sunday, June 30, 2013

From the craft department to the hardware department

   Oh dear wire, you can do so much yet be such a struggle, and a pain in my fingers, but I will not be defeated.
   Through my successes and flops making wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I have used a lot of wire. And since I’m not completely sure what I am going to do with my accumulating inventory I question how many times I can make trips to wonderful craft stores for supplies. (Here is where the sound of a cash register ringing up should be playing in your head.)
   On a recent shopping trip for household supplies I decided to check the craft section of the store. I needed more jewelry wire of a lower gauge, so why not just make a pass through the craft section? But what I found in this particular store was a limited amount of jewelry wire and not so cost-efficient, at least to me.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

From wicked wire to cuff bracelets

   The more I work with wire the more I enjoy it, although to this point it’s just been to wrap and hold braided bracelets. As much as I like working with wire, I do not enjoy the periodic “blood tests” that seem to occur on the tips of my fingers. My weeks of creating jewelry are taking their toll on my fingers. I have poked my fingertips numerous times and seem to be handling wire with my hands more than any of the tools I have. I’ve never been one to keep a perfect manicure, but now add to that dry and punctured fingertips and I’m sure I won’t be called anytime soon to be a hand model.
   As for working with wire, I decided to try wire-wrapped cuff bracelets. I found great inspiration from Happy Hour Projects and The Crafty Housewife.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Braids and Bracelets and Beads, Oh My!

   I decided to try my hand, or in this case wrist, at making something other than earrings so I ventured into bracelets. I decided I wanted to make braided bracelets with micro-suede string. I tried various styles and had lots of flops. I found that I enjoy working with wire and enjoy braiding. Some of the couple dozen bracelets I have made I like more than others. The process has not been without its ups and downs. I mostly check websites like Pinterest and craft blogs for inspiration, but I seldom follow tutorials step-by-step. So I basically “wing it” when it comes to my creations. Once I have the braid I secure the ends and use artistic wire to string and attach the beads.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A newbie to handmade jewelry and blogging

   I have turned into a garage girl. Not because I have any particular skill or talent with lawn mowers or leaf blowers or any other piece of equipment, but because I have cats.
   I cannot, and have not dared not try, bead work inside the house with the triplet hurricanes known as Beau, Wolfie and Zuzu. They are four years old and anyone who has indoor cats knows that they own everything.