Thursday, June 27, 2013

A newbie to handmade jewelry and blogging

   I have turned into a garage girl. Not because I have any particular skill or talent with lawn mowers or leaf blowers or any other piece of equipment, but because I have cats.
   I cannot, and have not dared not try, bead work inside the house with the triplet hurricanes known as Beau, Wolfie and Zuzu. They are four years old and anyone who has indoor cats knows that they own everything.

   So, to make my jewelry creating easier I arranged work tables in the garage. Not a problem in March in South Carolina. Now that it is late June it can sometimes feel like a sauna.
   I decided to get back into jewelry making earlier this year to keep myself sane and busy. Several years ago I dabbled in jewelry creation and mostly did made-to-order requests from co-workers. So I had a good bit of supplies left over, from beads to wire to any necessary starter tools.
   All I began making at first were earrings. I had no idea what I was going to do with all of the earrings, but I found working in my garage to be a very meditative experience.
   As luck would have it I had an opportunity to sell my handmade earrings - at of all places a yard sale with my friend Jules. (More info will be provided about her at a later date) I sold most of my inventory and was pleasantly surprised. That got me thinking…maybe I could do this as a hobby and dare I say it…make money? We’ll see how that goes. I have read many articles on how a blog should not be used as a moneymaker and that is not what I am setting out to do. The money, hopefully, may one day come from the jewelry I create.
In the meantime, I wish I could remember every blog I've checked that inspired me, but one I do check regularly and would like to "give props" to is

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