Sunday, June 30, 2013

From the craft department to the hardware department

   Oh dear wire, you can do so much yet be such a struggle, and a pain in my fingers, but I will not be defeated.
   Through my successes and flops making wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I have used a lot of wire. And since I’m not completely sure what I am going to do with my accumulating inventory I question how many times I can make trips to wonderful craft stores for supplies. (Here is where the sound of a cash register ringing up should be playing in your head.)
   On a recent shopping trip for household supplies I decided to check the craft section of the store. I needed more jewelry wire of a lower gauge, so why not just make a pass through the craft section? But what I found in this particular store was a limited amount of jewelry wire and not so cost-efficient, at least to me.
   At that time a great idea occurred to me – check the hardware section. I wasn’t really sure what I would find, but after a few passes up and down the aisles I found something to try.

Hardware Department Wire
   Oh, and my little petite wire cutters and at times even garden shears (yes, silly I know) I had used up to this point weren’t going to cut it…unintentional, accidental pun, seriously…so I searched for and found some stronger ones in the hardware section.

Petite Craft Wire Cutters
Much Better
   Now, while this hardware department wire can be manipulated, it is not easy. Painful fingertip accidents have now morphed into an achy hand and wrist, but I have managed to make some wire-wrapped cuff bracelets.
   I do think it is time to read tutorials a little more closely to do it correctly. I welcome ideas for successfully working with wire.

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