Monday, July 1, 2013

Wear it and find the kinks and pokes

   I recently had an informal dinner event to attend with the hubby and I thought “What better time to wear and possibly introduce my jewelry creations?”
   Now, I am not one to be the center of attention, in fact it can make me a bit uncomfortable having all eyes on me, so I didn’t immediately start saying “Hey, look what I made.” This particular evening I wore one of my first handmade wire-wrapped cuff bracelets and a pair of my handmade earrings.


After about an hour a lady in attendance complimented the bracelet I was wearing and that opened the door for discussion of my new hobby. It went very well, but we’ll see if anything will come of that.
   This same evening I realized the importance of a crafter/artist actually wearing his or her creations, and here’s why. The backside of the cuff bracelet I made started scratching and aggravating the inside of my wrist. This is how I also discovered a sure-fire way to find those pesky little wire ends that need flattened and/or tucked out of the way. Now, upon finishing a bracelet, I put it on and also run my fingers along all edges. When I hit a snag I grab little pliers and “smush” and flatten the culprits.
   Since I am a newbie at this I welcome suggestions.

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