Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Handmade jewelry for holiday flare

   In addition to accessorizing your everyday wardrobe, jewelry can be used to show holiday spirit.

   I took this idea with me into my Creative Cave to see what I could come up with. For me, jewelry creating is easier when I don’t have to come up with the color combinations. By this I mean if I want to make holiday jewelry I will use black and orange for Halloween, fall colors for Thanksgiving and red and green for Christmas. Of course this is a starting point, other colors can be used. And there are many other holidays and celebrations in addition to what I mention here.

   It's fun to take various holiday colors and create pieces of handmade jewelry. I'm still working on the fall leaf bracelet. I love those little leaf beads and want to use them somehow.
   I'm sure these won't be the only pieces I make for the holidays. Perhaps I will find more inspiration when the temperature outside of the Creative Cave isn't in the 80s. It's difficult for me to get in the holiday spirit in the middle of summer.


Anonymous said...

Christmas in July? Why not? Love the Fall leaves also and the Pumpkins.. Too cute!


Sinea Pies said...

Ooooh, these are PRETTY. I am going to be making some jewelry with my granddaughter when she stays over next week. We'll be taking a look at these photos for ideas.

Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

TresorParis said...

Waoohh! these are so nice. The color of the jewelery items are so beautiful. These jewelries are appropriate for the Summer.Thanks for sharing.
Tresor Paris Press

jelly andrews said...

The pumpkin idea is so cute. It is really perfect for Halloween. I simply love it. And the rest of your creations are adorable too.

AptToCraft said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments and for checking out my blog :)