Thursday, July 11, 2013

If I had a hammer...

   Okay, I decided I want to make my own clasps for my handmade bracelets and necklaces, while at the same time figuring out the “hammered” technique. Here is the website where I got the idea:

   The tutorial looked easy enough. I used 18-gauge soft wire as mentioned on the website. I used a standard hardware department hammer. Perhaps that was the problem.

   I created a clasp similar to the one I saw on the website then put a layer of towel on top and bottom of it and began hammering. I have heard that hammering the wire gives it a little strength. I certainly flattened the wire but it just didn’t seem too sturdy. By that I mean the slightest tug would warp it, so it wouldn’t be any use as a secure clasp for a bracelet or necklace. Perhaps my hammering skills were too rough. If I decide to try this project again I will use a jewelry hammer or scale back on the strength I use.
   While I had the wire out I decided to see what I might be able to create. I decided to shape the wire into a circle then hammer it to see what would happen. It is a different style wire so I wasn’t sure what would happen. It flattened out but I don’t know if it looks right or if I like it. Anyway, I went ahead and wrapped some wire, included a bead, and thought this might turn in to some kind of pendant or centerpiece for another jewelry creation. Hmmmm…maybe not.
   I did manage to get some wire wrapping done on some earrings, but never created the match. I hope I can duplicate each one of these.

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