Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Writer's block and some crafty inspiration

   I used to write for a living. In fact, I’ve worked in some sort of writing job for more years that I care to count. So why is it I have so much trouble writing for my blog?
   First, though, let me show you my newest wire bracelet. I'm really enjoying making these. I take larger beads and and wrap them in wire as if I am making a pendant. Then I attach the creation to a frame and make a wire-wrapped cuff bracelet.

   Now for my challenges.
   When I decided on the blog name AptToCraft I wanted something that wouldn’t be too constrictive if I wanted to branch out into other crafts and DIY projects. But I have gotten so caught up in making jewelry I haven’t done anything else. Perhaps that is why I have trouble coming up with blog posts. I think I have hit a brick wall when it comes to new jewelry creations.
   There are quite a few jewelry projects I would like to try, but I need to get a few things first. Perhaps then I will have more to write about.
   I have seen a beautiful necklace made from old brooches. What a great idea to make use of old pieces of jewelry. You can see the necklace at Paper Studio. I've been searching both online and off for where I might be able to find old brooches.
   I also think I may try to make my own paper beads someday. I have a vague memory of making some sort of paper beads when I was a kid. Here are some sites where I have found inspiration - Better Homes and Gardens and Go Make Something
   Thanks for taking this time with me. I'm off now to rummage through my old jewelry box and dresser drawers to see if I have old jewelry I can recycle into my own creations.

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