Friday, July 12, 2013

Grab bag of goodies

   There are lots of great places to purchase beads and other jewelry supplies - from craft stores to flea markets to online outlets. One of several online sites I use is Auntie’s Beads.

   I found Auntie’s Beads several years ago when I first started making jewelry for coworkers. If I remember correctly I did an Internet search for places to buy beads and supplies and liked this particular site and its offerings.
   A while back I placed an order at Auntie’s Beads and to my surprise I qualified for a free grab bag. I could have requested a specific color for my grab bag, but I opted not to so I could be surprised when it arrived.

   The bag was packed with beautiful beads of various sizes as well as some jewelry findings. I didn’t immediately make a jewelry piece with these beads because I wanted to make sure I made just the right piece. Little did I know that I didn’t need to worry so much about wasting the beads. There are so many pieces in this grab bag that even after making a wire-wrapped cuff bracelet and earrings I still have plenty of beads left.
   I used some darker beads I had on hand to help set off the beautiful shades of red. 

   I was not asked by Auntie's Beads to write this blog post, and I have not received any compensation for this post. I did check with the company prior to publishing this post to make sure I followed all blog etiquette since I am still a relative newbie at blogging and jewelry making.


Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with this set! Beautiful!


AptToCraft said...

Thanks Jules for your continued support!

Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects said...

Oh I LOVE that bracelet!! It's gorgeous!! What gauge wire did you use for the cuff?

AptToCraft said...

The frame for the cuff was made with 14-gauge galvanized wire from the hardware department of a local store. It doesn't manipulate as easy as craft wire but is a lot cheaper.