Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Navigating Networking...When will I craft again?

   When I started making jewelry back in the spring I would often find myself spending hours in the Creative Cave. Little did I know that once I started a blog about my crafty adventures that I would actually have to schedule my days.
   Once this blog was up and running, I decided to get a Facebook page as well as turn my individual Pinterest site into an AptToCraft site. I also decided to get active on Google+.
   Um, when would I have time to actually make the jewelry that started this entire endeavor?
   I am most creative and productive in the morning. I love getting up before daybreak, having coffee and getting started on my day. Blog work, check. Update social networking sites, check. Then out to the Creative Cave.
   That is the schedule I’ve kept for the last month. However, now I am contemplating reversing that schedule and here’s why.
  • Summer in South Carolina is hot. My Creative Cave is not air-conditioned. However, mornings in the cave can be quite comfortable.
  • I underestimated the time it takes to efficiently maintain my online presence – blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, link parties, etc.
  • My amateur online research has uncovered a very interesting graphic that outlines when some of the most popular social networking sites see the most traffic.

   I am periodically posting my thoughts on Facebook and Google+ for feedback. I will let my readers know at least a day ahead of time if I choose to flip my schedule and create jewelry early in the day and update my blog and social sites later in the day.

Note: "The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks" graphic and information obtained from Social Caffeine and an article by Krissy Brady.

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