Friday, July 5, 2013

From a necklace to!?!

   Earrings, check! Bracelets, check! Hmmmm, perhaps I should move on to necklaces. What kind of necklaces should I make? I keep thinking I need to make something different and eye catching, but without any classes or training I am somewhat limited.

   I could make braided necklaces similar to the braided bracelets I've made in the past. Since I like working with wire on the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets maybe I could make a necklace in a similar way. Decision made.
   Boy did this turn into an exercise in strength, vision and patience. The wire was difficult to maneuver and it was easy to warp the layout of the frame as I wrapped the smaller wire and beads. By that I mean it wouldn't stay flat, but started flipping up like a crown.

   I think there is a workable idea in there somewhere, but once the necklace began keeping the crooked crown look I put it aside to work on at another time, I was getting too aggravated with it.
   Speaking of crowns, I couldn’t resist. This is J.R., one of my kitties. He was sound asleep which is why I could get away with this. However, he was not amused. I didn't leave the bracelet on his head long. It was there just long enough to get a photo.

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