Monday, July 22, 2013

Socially awkward in a social network world

   Setting up my blog through introduced me to Google’s many options, including Google+. I’m still working my way through all of the opportunities with Google+. You can find my Google+info here.
   In becoming a blogger I also have become more active in other social networking sites.
   I have found Pinterest to be a wonderful source of inspiration. I love seeing various craft projects and recipes, but I’m wondering how much impact my pins are having.

   I seem to be doing okay with my Facebook page. I finally reached and exceeded that magic number of 30 so now I get insights into my page activity. At first I felt like I was in a contest to reach 30, now I feel like I’m in a contest to get as many page "likes" as I can.
   I’m registered with BlogUpp, but I’m not sure I completely understand the analytics. I still check it nearly everyday though. I see the numbers change, I just need to research what "inbound" and "outbound" promotion actually means. Another site that provides me with analytics is Google's Feedburner, but I'm not sure I'm using it right. I just started with it, so maybe after some use and study I will understand it more.
   As for blogging, I’m really enjoying finding link parties. This is where bloggers share their favorite blog posts with others. I think the idea is to connect fellow crafters and bloggers. Participants are encouraged to visit others’ sites and comment, follow, like, etc. I haven't checked to see how many connections have resulted from participating in these link parties.
   When I do participate in link parties you will see the button at the top right of this blog. My plan is to eventually have a separate page that lists all the link parties in which I participate.
   I would very much like to hear from others about how long it takes for a blog to really grow in viewership/readership. I know a level of promotion is necessary. I also welcome comments about what has or hasn't worked for others when setting up and promoting a blog, Facebook page, Pinterest site, etc.

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