Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part Two - From a Creative Cave to a Critter Cave!

   It’s good to have a camera around. I always have my cell phone with me as I tend to text photos of jewelry creations to Jules for feedback. But I've also been able to get photos on the not-so-creative days.
   In yesterday's post I talked about the furry creatures that visit me while I am trying to create. Today I will share some stories of the no-so-furry visitors I get.
   The summer heat seems to have brought out the bees. I was walking from the driveway to the Creative Critter Cave one day and out of nowhere a bee landed on me, stung me and flew away. The bee was completely unprovoked, what's up with that?!?!

   I've encountered a variety of buzzing creatures in the Critter Cave. I usually can just pick up something on my worktable and shoo it away.
   I've also been visited by a different flying critter that I didn't mind hanging around.

   Oh, and I can’t forget the dinosaur bug that showed up. After some online research I determined it to be a Wheel Bug. Looks like something from the Stone Age to me. (Notice the dinosaur-looking spikes on its back.)

   Thanks for taking the time to read about my crazy days in the Critter Cave! And don't forget to check out AptToCraft on Facebook and Pinterest.

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