Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accessorize in red, white and blue!

   Holidays are great times to wear colorful accessories. In preparation for the Fourth of July I decided to throw together various pieces of patriotic-themed jewelry.

   For me, creating jewelry is easier when I already know the colors I want to use. Of course, in this case, it is red, white and blue. So I gathered together beads, buttons, micro-suede and wire I had on hand and created bracelets and earrings.

   Taking the photos of this colorful jewelry did not come without its challenges, which is why I am a garage girlNotice the foot in the photo below? And of course you can't miss the nosy intruders in the other two photos.

   Creating this Patriotic jewelry now has me ready to brainstorm ideas for other holidays and special occasions.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Lovely! You are finding your way in a big way! Love ya!