Sunday, July 14, 2013

For what reason am I building an inventory?

   I recently had an opportunity to share my handmade jewelry with family. I am not one to make myself the center of attention or brag about anything, so showing my work in person to someone outside the hubby and Jules, and my wonderful online audience, made me a little nervous.

   I received great compliments and was pleased that my family members chose some jewelry they wanted to keep.

   Now I am thinking about building up an inventory, but for what? Craft fairs? Festivals? Sell online?
   I have bookmarked so many instructional web pages on my laptop that my head is spinning. I need a decent-sized inventory if I want to sell at a fair or festival. Perhaps selling online is the best option and I can pick out the best-made pieces and sell one at a time. However, even though there are quite a few great online sites for selling handmade jewelry there also are quite a few million sellers and jewelry pieces with which to compete.
   I’ve considered fairs and festivals, and signed up to receive calls for exhibitors via email. Something that is holding me up is the fact that I have never set up a booth at a fair or festival before, therefore I do not have any photos of a set up. Applications for entry into various events ask for photos of the item(s) I plan to sell, as well as a photo of my booth display.
   I tried to put together at least one table that I might be able to pass as a sample booth display, but I gave up on it. It is very pitiful in my opinion and I know it needs more work. But it does give me a place to put my finished jewelry.

   I have more tables I could use for a booth display but I am using them as my workspace right now, and if I choose the fair and festival route I definitely need a larger inventory. Perhaps if I want to take this seriously I need to purchase or borrow more tables and make the booth display a priority.
   In a later blog post I will share some of the many online sites and ideas I have researched for selling handmade jewelry.
   Please do not hesitate to comment as I welcome any ideas, as well as stories of what has (or hasn't) worked for you!


Evelyn Osborn said...

Love these bracelets:)) I am so jealous of anyone who can make jewelry, I try but...... LOL!
One of these days


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AptToCraft said...

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. Feel free to poke around my blog and offer input.