Sunday, July 7, 2013

The necklace saga continues...

   Necklace ideas aren’t coming to me as quickly as those for earrings and bracelets. I still haven’t completed the beaded mess I have, but I have made a couple of necklaces that give me hope that I may be on to something.

   I thread craft wire through each bead, loop it and connect each bead. Since I am still working with supplies I have on hand there are times I find I don’t have enough of a particular color bead. This is when I go to the micro-suede string. I know I still need to work on my technique.

   I’ve also tried to make necklaces in the style I use to make braided bracelets. Some challenges I have with braided necklaces include an efficient clasp and how to decorate the braid. I am going to research more into how I can make my own clasps and what gauge wire is needed for the task.
   In the meantime NMC (AKA Not My Cat) stopped by for a visit and seemed very interested in what I was doing.

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