Monday, July 8, 2013

When bad things happen to good jewelry

   Some days in my “Creative Cave” (AKA the garage) are better and more productive than others. Sometimes I pick up a bead or length of wire and begin threading or wrapping to see what happens.
   One such necklace came from this process, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Let me explain. The bead stringing started as a stretchy bracelet but then it occurred to me I might as well make a necklace. So, from the get-go, I wasn’t stringing the beads the way I think I should for a necklace…meaning I think I would’ve hooked a clasp on one end before stringing the beads. So I wasn’t sure where this was going to end up, but I liked the way the colors were coming together.
   On one of my several visits to a craft store with Jules I picked up some buttons that were on clearance and have been using them in my wire-wrapped cuff bracelets. One particular button matched the beads so I wanted to somehow work it into the piece.
   I decided I would add the button to the end, and once the necklace was closed it could be worn with the button hanging like a pendant, hidden in the back or somewhere along the side.
   But now came the time to add a clasp, because I wasn’t sure the necklace was long enough to be stretched over the head. What I was working with was a length of beads on stretchy string with a button at the end. I added a magnetic clasp, but as you can see I went off track somewhere. Oh, the clasp is on there but there are no breaks in the necklace.
   A photo of the finished product will be posted once I break my bad habit of getting frustrated at a piece of handmade jewelry and putting it aside for another time.
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