Wednesday, July 17, 2013

AptToCraft is a guest project contributor!

   The world of blogging has introduced me to a number of ways to share my experiences and learn from others. I would like to share one of those experiences with you today.
   As a new crafter and blogger I am thrilled that a sample of my work is now a part of the Guest Projects section at Auntie's Beads.
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Here's how it happened:
   In my blog post called Grab Bag of Goodies, I talked about the bag of beads and jewelry findings I received from Auntie’s Beads and the wire-wrapped cuff bracelet and earrings I made with some of the beads. Prior to publishing the post I contacted Auntie’s Beads via email and Facebook to inquire about the proper blog etiquette in mentioning the company’s name. Following that post I had some very friendly back and forth communication with the company and learned more about the Guest Projects section.
   It took me a while to write a description of how each piece was made. I wasn't even sure I knew the correct names for some of the supplies and tools I used. I do appreciate the learning opportunities the process gave me. It introduced me to the benefits of social networking and helped me realize the need for clear, descriptive writing.
  I hope you are enjoying my successes and challenges in blogging and crafting. Don't forget to follow along on Facebook and Pinterest, where I share more creations and interests!

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