Saturday, July 6, 2013

I think it's a Beaded Mess!

   Browsing websites gives me all kinds of inspiration and I see all kinds of jewelry pieces I would like to make. I tend to "pin" the creations that inspire me on Pinterest. However, before I invest in more supplies I want to see if I can work with what I have.
   The supplies I had on hand for a necklace included wire, chain, beads and micro-suede string scraps. At first I wanted to make something really different and busy with beads, so I took off, using wire to attach lengths of chain to strips of suede.

   I wanted a multi-strand necklace and since I got so carried away connecting chain and suede it appeared to be developing into a three-strand necklace. Next step was to attach beads to the chain portions. I love working with glass beads…you know, those packs you can get at craft stores that contain all kinds of colors and sizes.
   I used headpins to attach the beads. It never occurred to me how long this would take. I am yet to attach beads to the third strand.

  I have put this necklace aside for another time. (Just like I did with the wire-wrapped necklace that started resembling a crown). I feel like I have just ended up with a beaded mess and perhaps need to separate myself from this particular piece for a while. I am not, though, giving up on getting some necklaces made.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.. the "Bead Saga of 2013" rages on! It will be awesome, I just know it!