Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jewelry box treasure trove

   For several years I have kept a jewelry box in my closet. It used to be on the dresser in the bedroom, until the triplet hurricanes came to live with me.
   I mentioned in my first blog post that I have three indoor kitties - Beau, Zuzu and Wolfie. Early on in their residence with me they knocked the jewelry box off of the dresser. My jewelry went everywhere and the glass on the door broke. I removed the jewelry I wear regularly and put it in a dresser drawer. I then put the box in the closet. It has been there ever since.
   During this handmade jewelry kick I have been on I have found stories, photos and ideas about how to recycle old jewelry. I’ve seen ideas using vintage brooches to make a necklace and ideas for old and mismatched earrings.
   I decided it was time to clean out my jewelry box.
   Wow, it was like a treasure hunt! I found all kinds of jewelry pieces, as well as some oddities. By this I mean I found rabies tags, a golf tee and earbuds…lol. Quick explanation on the rabies tags…none of the indoor cats I’ve had wear collars, so I put away their tags for safe keeping. These happened to be for a cat I had for 15 years prior to the triplet hurricanes.
   I did find some jewelry pieces that I suppose I might wear again, but I also feel like if I’ve gone this long without wearing any of it, will I ever? I have watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.
   Stay tuned to future AptToCraft posts. I will share my projects once I decide what I am going to do with all of these pieces.
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