Sunday, August 18, 2013

I finished a past project!

   Back in the spring when I decided to branch out from making just earrings I started making micro-suede braided bracelets.
   These two bracelets were among the first I ever made. I finally put some clasps on them.

   In addition to the new things I try to make each day in the Creative Cave, perhaps I should try to complete one of my past projects every day or every other day. After all, I do have quite a few unfinished pieces. I also have more pendants to include in my creations, but sometimes my creativity stalls.

I find all kinds of beautiful jewelry ideas on Pinterest. I invite you to click over there and take a look. I hope to be as talented as those artists someday. It may take a while though. I haven't had any crafting classes and my creations are mostly trial by error.


Janice Wagoner said...

Hey T, have you looked at the classes on Craftsy? There's a free one on microtorch basics - I love making wire jewelry (when I have time and materials LOL), and there's a lot of great free instructions and inspirations!

AptToCraft said...

Thanks Janice. I will check that out!