Friday, August 30, 2013

More cuffs to show your team spirit

   Because I am an equal opportunity crafter I created wire-wrapped cuff bracelets in colors for college football fans other than those of Clemson or WVU. 
   I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I wanted to make a bracelet in the University of South Carolina colors but ran out of time. I decided to make a wire-wrapped cuff in shades of garnet and black. I also am working on a paper bead bracelet in garnet and black for a friend. (Note: I'm not sure why the garnet and black looks so much like Georgia's red and black in these photos.)

   To be fair, and because I had the beads, I also decided to make a red and black wire-wrapped cuff bracelet. I guess I had visions of using a photo of it similar to what you see in sports photos, with two football helmets facing each other. This is because on Saturday the orange and purple of Clemson is taking on the red and black of Georgia.

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