Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I took a trip to Boston, so I'll write about that

   I have a confession to make. I got up this morning without a blog post.
   Hubby had a conference in Boston and I tagged along. The posts over the last few days were written ahead of time and scheduled through Blogger to post automatically. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything written for today.
   So I ask for your patience as I share a few experiences from my trip.
   I love to fly, but I do have a pet peeve – passengers who appear to be carrying their entire closet onto a plane. I do understand their reasoning since so many airlines charge a fee for checked bags. Perhaps airlines should charge for carry-on bags beyond a purse and laptop bag and make checked bags free.
   While in Boston I ate for the first time at a Brazilian steakhouse. One word – DELICIOUS!

   Hubby and I got out and about at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. We had a lot of fun eating, drinking and browsing.

   Jules took care of my home and cats while I was away. She kept me updated with photos. Zuzu came as far as the steps to see Jules. Beau was always out and about. Jules said Wolfie just acted like he wanted her to leave. I got a nice welcome from all of them when I got home. (Bottom three photos)

   Thanks for indulging me. For someone who didn't have a post today I sure ended up sharing a lot.
   I hope everyone has a great week!

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<3 I love these babies!