Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm in a black hole of unfinished jewelry

   I thought it might be fun to make some holiday jewelry. Turns out, I’m not in the holiday spirit.
   In not finishing this bracelet I started thinking back on all of the jewelry pieces I have started and not completed.
   Remember my necklace saga?

   Early on in my jewelry making I didn’t seem to be good at necklaces. Well, those necklaces still aren’t complete.
   I also got on a roll making micro-suede bracelets. While I did finish some of them, I still have quite a few that are without clasps.
   Just take a look…I have a box lid full of half-finished jewelry pieces.
   Do any of you ever start projects and never complete them? If not, what pushes you through to finish what you started? Please do not hesitate to leave comments here, or visit me on Facebook.

1 comment:

Janice Wagoner said...

Those are called UnFinished Objects (or UFOs) and every creative person has them (some more than others - me more than most LOL).