Monday, April 7, 2014

Inspiration can come from Pinterest, and a shopping pal

   My friend Jules likes sparkly things. So it can be easy for me to make pieces of jewelry for her.
   When we went to a craft store over the weekend I already had in my head something I wanted to make for her. So I figured I would slyly ask her opinion on beads so I would know what to get.
   During our shopping, however, Jules found other beads she liked. And she decided she wanted a bracelet. (I had a necklace in mind for her, but I didn’t want to tell her that).
   So, this morning ended up being all about Jules as I pulled out my crafting tools. First I made the bracelet she requested. It didn’t take much to make a bracelet from the chain of beads she found. She liked it pretty much the way it was, it just needed to be sized and have a clasp attached to it. I also had to work on the spacing of each dangling bead.

   The necklace was inspired by something Jules found on Pinterest a while back. The lariat necklace, made by Royal Gold Gifts, is sold on Etsy. I want to make sure I give full credit to my inspiration. I studied the photo on Pinterest and Etsy and managed to make my own.

   I periodically go to Pinterest for craft and handmade jewelry ideas. You can check out my boards at

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I absolutely adore them!!! <3