Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is your pet peeve a list of pet peeves?

   Do any of you have any pet peeves? Something, or some things, that can get under your skin or aggravate you?
   Since I don’t have any crafts or handmade jewelry to show you today I decided to share a list of my pet peeves…or minor annoyances. I just hope one of your pet peeves isn’t a blogger who writes about pet peeves…lol!
  • Driver pulls out in front of me then creeps down the road
  • Slow drivers in the left passing lane on an interstate
  • Fingernails scratching on fabric or panty hose– it’s like a chalkboard to me
  • Adult gossips and troublemakers
  • Dogs with painted toenails…isn’t nail polish made with formaldehyde? Something about this just doesn’t seem safe to me.
  • Speaking of pets, I don’t care much to see poodles or bunnies or any other animal with dyed fur. Again, this just doesn’t seem safe for the animal.
  • Open-mouth gum chewing – it’s like a cow chewing on its cud


Anonymous said...

Men with long fingernails.
Using "at" at the end of a sentence. ex Where is it at?


Teresa Ann said...

Good ones!