Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Genealogy and a brick wall

   Do you know all there is to know about yourself?
   Years ago I was obsessed with researching my family tree. I would sit for hours on end going through genealogy websites, taking notes and printing out endless lists.
   I have a box full of papers and binders. I periodically pull it out and go through it with the intention of picking up where I left off. It is then that I realize why I stopped in the first place. I have hit a brick wall.
   There was a time that apparently every man in the United States was named Robert, James or Archibald. It seriously seemed that way as I tried to find which one belonged in my mother’s family tree.
   I am feeling the itch to get back into the research. Here are some websites I have found helpful.
  1. Ancestry.com
  2. USGenweb.com
  3. Genealogy.com
  4. Cyndislist.com
  5. Familysearch.org

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