Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Southern Storm: Stay warm and safe!

   I haven’t crafted anything, but I have been busy.
   Looks like the southeastern part of the U.S. is getting a doozy of a storm. Now, I know my northern friends might be shaking their heads at the attention that comes with southern snow. Here’s the thing…it rarely happens.
   So, instead of crafting, I have prepared for the next few days. Of course I made the obligatory store run. I made sure our gas fireplace is in working order.  Flashlights are in working order. I am charging cellphones. And I brought in my outdoor kitties.
   Somewhere along the line I managed to get in a little genealogy work. I’m still trying to break through a brick wall with an ancestor from the 1800s.
   Stay warm and safe and happy crafting!

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