Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five fun Valentine's Day boxes

   Do y’all remember making decorative boxes for Valentine’s Day? You know, those ones you would make for school when it was time to exchange Valentine’s Day cards.
   I haven’t made anything for this day of Cupid, hearts and chocolates in ages. If I decide to I know I can find tons of ideas on Pinterest. I decided to do a search for “Valentine’s Day boxes” on Pinterest. Wow, times sure have changed since those days of my wrapping a shoe box in tissue paper and gluing hearts all over it.
   Here are some of the unique boxes I found:

Monster box – This cute creation can be found at Craftibilities.

Kitty box – This is adorable. Go to White Oak Lane for more information.

Despicable Me Minion box – I found instructions for this one at

Bird House – Go to Drops of Jupiter for information on this cute idea.

Mailbox – Scrapbook paper helps give this one a vintage look. Go to I Heart Nap Time for this one.

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