Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I played around with display items...it didn't go too well!

   I tried to accomplish something crafty yesterday…I really did. But I didn’t get very far.
   I pulled out my basket of handmade jewelry and gathered up some possible display items. My plan was to organize my inventory and maybe figure out how to display some of the pieces at the same time.
   I haven’t counted how many wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I have, but I know I have a lot of them. Since I had the time I thought I would attach them to a Styrofoam ring I found at a thrift store. It didn’t go so well. It took a little effort to get them on the ring, then, once the ring was covered in bracelets, I picked it up. The bracelets rolled around on the ring and wouldn’t stay in place. I decided that wasn’t the way to go.
   I removed the bracelets and cleaned up all of the foam pieces that chipped off of the ring. I decided just to arrange them for the time being in a display tray. (One of six I found at a yard sale back in the summer). As you can see, one tray just won’t get the job done.
   Oh well, I have a lot more ideas floating around in my head and all kinds of display pieces. Stay tuned, one of them just might work out.


Janice Wagoner said...

How about covering the foam ring with a layer of cloth, with tacks sticking up at intervals to help them stay in place?

Just thinking...
The "other" Jules

Teresa Ann said...

Great idea. I may try that!
Thanks so much!