Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern snow and mountain memories

   You know, it’s funny how we sometimes want what we don’t (or can’t) have. In this case I am talking about snow.
   Some frigid, icy and snowy weather is moving into the South today. And because we seldom get any considerable snowfall, the mere mention of it in the weather forecast can send us into a level of excitement that can rival that of a kid at Christmas.

   Meanwhile, my family and friends north of me have had it with winter. I’m sure they just shake their heads when they see or hear folks in the South wish for and celebrate snow.
   I have my fair share of snow memories from growing up in West Virginia. I remember sledding down the road beside the house on one of those old wooden sleds.
   I remember playing in the snow with my sister, and when we came inside we would put our wet clothes in the basement near the wood stove to dry off.
   I remember back in the day walking through the snow to a convenience store near our house to rent a VHS player and movies. (Wow, that dates me, doesn’t it?)
   Then there is the memory of losing my car in my mom’s driveway. There was so much snow my car was completely covered. That particular snow occurred over spring break of my senior year of college and delayed by a few days my first ever trip to New York City.
   I remember the countless times I would drive on snow-covered, two-lane mountain roads. I would just put the car in low gear and go slow.
   I remember I spinned my car once on an icy and snowy interstate and came to rest in the median. Thank goodness no other cars were nearby. Somehow I knew to put the car in low gear and pull back onto the road, even though I was shaking and I think my heart was in my throat.
   I saw snow once while living in Mississippi. It was a lot of fun. Neighborhood kids played in it and built a snowman. By midmorning the next day though the snowman looked a little worse for wear as the temperatures warmed up.
   I’ve seen snow occasionally in the more than 12 years I’ve lived in South Carolina. I guess my area of the Palmetto State will get flurries at least once every other year or so.
   With those memories, both good and bad, I sit here this morning looking forward to seeing snow.
   I guess it is just human nature to want what we don’t have, or in this case, don’t get too often.

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