Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wire cuff bracelets and a portable beading kit

   I spent some time in the Creative Cave yesterday thanks to the near 60-degree temperature.
   It was nice to get some fresh air. I went out there to organize my inventory but ended up sitting down and making a couple of wire wrapped cuff bracelets.
   I used a decorative button as the centerpiece on each bracelet.
   I should’ve taken advantage of the sunny day yesterday and taken photos of the bracelets outside. I’ve had a time getting blog-worthy photos this morning. I would’ve preferred a photo other than one of my arm.

   I cannot be fooled by the pleasant weather over the last couple of days. It is still winter after all. So, instead of keeping a big box of crafting supplies in the house…or more specifically, on the kitchen bar…I am finally using a portable bead storage case. I got this case on Black Friday and until now it had just been sitting in the Creative Cave. I put some beads, wire and tools in it that I will need as I work in the house on cold winter days.

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Anonymous said...

You were holding out on me with that first bracelet because you knew I would want it!!!! Love!!!