Monday, January 13, 2014

Still stuck on display ideas

   For this to be a craft blog I sure haven’t shared many creations over the last few days, have I?
   For the time being I am caught up in gathering items and ideas for a craft show display. I have a board on Pinterest called “Craft Show Display Ideas.” I just wish I could be as creative as the folks who came up with the ideas I have pinned.
   Pinterest does inspire me though. If you take a look at the board you will see an old picture frame being used to display earrings. The original post can be found at General Valentine. I have some frames to use in this way.
   Various kinds of candlesticks, combined with bowls, can make neat little ways to display odds and ends. This idea comes from Kitty Cats and Airplanes. I have a number of different kinds of candlesticks; I just haven’t gathered any bowls yet.
   I guess before I accumulate anymore display items I need to make sure I have the inventory to display and sell - which is a kind way to say “Get to work!”

   Off to craft. Have a great day!

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