Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too much strength for a woven bracelet

   The crafting from my kitchen bar had been going very well…until I messed up a bracelet I was working on with what I can only guess was my brute force strength.
   I recently picked up a “Bead Style” magazine for some inspiration and it served its purpose. The particular article that struck my fancy was about a right-angle weave. I’m not sure if the weave I ended up doing was like the one in the article but I liked how it was coming together. I used pearl beads and small seed beads.

   Then I broke it. I was so excited about the weaving that I hadn’t thought about attaching a clasp to the end. (Even though the instructions in the magazine article clearly show how to make that the first thing you do).

   I broke the thin wire when I tried to thread a small jump ring into the bead on the end. So much for my "easy" way to add a clasp.
   Maybe my creativity will find a way to salvage it, we’ll see.

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