Sunday, March 16, 2014

Compilation of craft display ideas

   Try as I might I could not get into the crafting spirit today.
   The weather turned cooler and it’s been raining all day. One thing I am good at on a rainy day, however, is surfing the Internet.
   Since I have shared some of my jewelry display attempts in past blog posts I decided to search around on Pinterest for more ideas. Below is a compilation of some of the creative ones I found.

   I like the use of window shutters shown at The Salvaged Edge.

   Wire garden topiaries and clothespins can be used to display earrings. (from Laurie Anna’s)

   Uncommon Designs shows how to use a thread rack as a jewelry display.

   Fashion Diva Design has several jewelry display ideas, like using a paper towel holder to display bracelets.

   Wooden bowls and candleholders can be combined to display items. I found this at Kitty Cats and Airplanes.

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