Monday, March 10, 2014

Flea market finds for fun jewelry projects

   Jules and I visited a flea market over the weekend, and I feel like I hit the jackpot of beads.
   A young lady there had tons of beads for sale, all at a cost of five bags for a dollar. I probably could have purchased way more than I did, but I stopped myself at 15 bags. Then, later in the morning, I came across a big bag of craft and jewelry supplies for $2 at a thrift store. It has everything in it from thread to bells to craft clips.

   I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make today when I pulled out some of my supplies. Then a heart locket caught my attention. I pulled out a chain and before I knew it I had a necklace. Super easy.
   I’ve wanted to make chain maille jewelry for a long time. Thanks to a bag of jump rings I picked up at the flea market I have enough to practice and play around with. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day working on it. I found several tutorials online. Maybe one of these days I won’t feel like I am “all thumbs” when I do it.
   You can find some chain maille tutorials at Fusion Beads and Knitting the Maille.


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