Saturday, March 22, 2014

Great discoveries during a morning of yard sale shopping

   Whew! What a busy morning. My pal Jules and I hit the road before daybreak to visit some yard sales and moving sales. I want to show you, or brag about, my great finds!
   I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I enjoy going to yard sales. In addition to the fun of bargain hunting, I also enjoy the silliness that can develop in the car while Jules and I track down the next sale.
   It was a little cold outside at first, but that didn’t stop us. By noon we had visited seven yard/moving sales.
   I ended up with a pretty good haul today. One thing’s for sure, I’d better get moving on selling some of my handmade jewelry so I can make use of the stuff I keep accumulating.
   Among my finds are some beautiful brooches. I envision these being worn as is, or with a scarf or worked into a handmade piece of jewelry. These beautiful pieces were 50 cents each!
   I also bought an assortment of beads and jewelry findings. These were 25 cents per bag. Among the goodies are wire circles I can use to make wine glass charms. I think I might start on those tomorrow.
   And as for the unique lady in the photo, it is a battery-operated Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Her dress spins and twirls when you press a button. It was an impulse purchase. It was just too cute to pass up for $1.
   I also found two, unopened 100-count packages of earrings cards/holders for 75 cents each, 40 (never used) silver gift/jewelry boxes for 10 cents each and a hodgepodge of small gift bags and tissue paper for $2. Seriously…you cannot get things like this in a store for that kind of deal.


Anonymous said...

7 yard sales? Wow! Had a blast ready for more.


Teresa Ann said...

Yep, according to the list we had and crossed off.
Good times!