Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring cleaning the's easy to get sidetracked!

   Well, I had grand plans to clean and organize a couple of closets today. I am maybe 75 percent done…okay, more like 65 percent…lol.
   I have a habit of getting sidetracked when I clean closets, drawers, purses…just about anything. You see, I never fail to turn my clean up time into a scavenger hunt or a walk down memory lane.
   My plan was to take care of two downstairs closets. The first one yielded a hodgepodge of useless stuff.
   First, over the years, I’ve had to replace quite a few laptop and iPhone adapters, chargers, etc., thanks to my feline friends. (Quick side note…there is no kryptonite for my kitties. I’ve tried every suggestion ever heard of for keeping them from chewing cords). I really don’t know why I found it necessary to keep the empty boxes each one came in.
   Then there was the bag of an assortment of computer cables. Every time one of my kitties chews through a cord I have to replace it, as I mentioned above. I guess I keep all of them and think I eventually can somehow fix them.
   And speaking of computers, I came across something I just had to share for Throwback Thursday! I had a Mac Classic desktop computer in college. I can’t believe I kept these disks. Do y’all remember these?
   The second closet that needed attention was the smaller one under the stairs. I didn’t find Harry Potter in there, but I did find TONS of photos. And get this, a couple of photo albums - actual hold in your hands and flip through photo albums. Does anyone use photo albums anymore in this digital world?
   So, needless to say, I didn’t get much accomplished in the second closet. I sat down with stacks of photos and took a walk down memory lane.
   I was kind of pooped once was all said and done. I ended up shooing the kitties away from my pile of closet stuff, and shoved the stuff (not the kitties) back into the closet.
   I will get back to it eventually. After all, tomorrow is another day!

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