Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wire-wrapped bracelets on fluffy pillows

   I have some new handmade bracelets to share with you today.
   It had been a while since I made any wire-wrapped cuff bracelets, so that’s what I immediately decided to do when I pulled out some of my crafting supplies.
   As a reminder, the wire I use for the bracelet frame comes from the hardware department, not a craft store or craft department. I discovered long ago it is more durable and doesn’t cost as much.
   The centerpiece bead on each bracelet came from the great selection I found last weekend at a flea market. Once I settled on accompanying beads I set to work, wrapping wire around the frame and stringing beads.
   In a future post I will share with you all of the great display items I picked up this week at a boutique’s going-out-of-business sale. That’s where I got the little silver pillows I used in this photo.

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