Monday, October 14, 2013

It's a Monday and I need to get to work!

   Let’s see…I need some more wire, I need some motivation and I need something to write about. 
   It’s Monday and I’m not really prepared for the start of another week, although I need to be. I have lots to do in the way of crafting, chores and errands.
   Today I am posting some odds and ends. I am sorry for not having any jewelry creations or craft items to share.
   It’s that time of year around here for spiders. They can be seen everywhere. It is amazing how you can knock down a web and the very next morning it is back up bigger and more beautiful than ever. I tried taking a photo of one such web on my deck. It wasn’t until I loaded the photos onto my laptop that I notice the reflection made by the sun. Is it just me, or does that reflection in the upper right corner “kinda, sorta” look like an orange Tiger paw?
   My pal Jules shared a funny picture with me recently. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a laptop constructed to accommodate a cat? Perhaps something like that would’ve kept Wolfie from sitting on my keyboard.

   Oh, I do have two craft-related photos to share. Several months ago I purchased some wire at a home improvement store. It was cheaper than most wire you can find in craft stores. It came in a very nice splinter package with an “easy-to-dispense” opening on the side. Well, you can see how easy it has been for me. The wire is still usable when I need short lengths. I am still working on getting it all unraveled.

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Hahaha! Love it!