Thursday, October 3, 2013

My blog can do more and I want to find out what that is

   I didn’t craft anything yesterday. What I did do was link up with other bloggers, as well as research more about promoting my own blog. 
   Not long after I started blogging I learned about Link Parties. I wrote some about it in the post "Socially awkward in a social network world."  I really appreciate the opportunity to find other crafters and bloggers. These link parties offer opportunities to share everything from a blog post to a Facebook page to Pinterest boards.
   I'm now looking into getting the most out of what Google has to offer. You may notice an advertisement or two on my blog. I finally worked through the Google Adsense process...I think. I will be tweaking it some so I ask for your patience if you visit the blog and there are empty spaces in the layout.
   I also created a Google Analytics account. I think this is supposed to provide me with information on who visits my blog and how they find my blog, along with tons of other tidbits of information. I have lots of studying to do on this.
   Another option I have through Google is to link my blog, which is hosted through Google's Blogger, with my Google+ page and profile. There are lots of benefits to linking the two. And one of the cool aspects, I think, is that the followers I have on my Google+ profile will appear along the right side of my blog. 
   I welcome input from folks about what has worked and not worked in their blogging adventures.

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