Monday, October 21, 2013

ROY G. BIV is nearing an end with indigo

   Here’s something I wasn’t prepared for…different shades of indigo as I continue my rainbow-themed blog posts I have been calling “ROY G. BIV.” 
   I had a bit of difficulty finding indigo beads for today’s creation and blog post. Each time I grabbed a bead I felt like it would be classified as blue or purple or violet. And, these pieces I made ended up being more blue than they needed to be, I think. I used my phone to look online for shades of indigo and thought it appeared dark blue. But in looking at the same Wikipedia page on my laptop I found it to be more of a dark purple.
   I decided to stick with my first creations for this blog post. But I have included web links for information on the colors of the rainbow and the color indigo.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
"These are the colors of the rainbow"

   Be sure to click back through my posts over the last few days to see the jewelry I have been making for each color of the rainbow!

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