Monday, October 7, 2013

Through heat, sneezes and allergies...I will craft!

   It is with some surprise that I am able to show you some handmade jewelry today. 
   I made the following bracelet at my kitchen bar instead of the Creative Cave. Fortunately the triplet hurricanes known as Beau, Wolfie and Zuzu were somewhere sleeping.

   I made the paper beads probably a month or so ago and finally got around to using them. The bracelet is made of paper beads, wire and clasps.
   I didn’t spend any time in the Creative Cave yesterday for a couple of reasons. First, my allergies had other plans. I’m not sure how many times I sneezed, but I sneezed pretty much all day. My allergy pill didn’t seem to work. And second, the more I sneezed the warmer I got. So, since it was pretty hot in the Creative Cave and I had it nice and cool in the house, I worked inside.
   I made quick work of my crafting. How is someone supposed to do any work when her nose won’t stop running and she can’t stop sneezing?

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Bless you!