Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Road trip, crafts and fall foliage

   I hope you have enjoyed my jewelry creation through the colors of the rainbow. Having a theme like that to work with helps me have blog topics and helps when I am out of town. 
   I recently spent a few days in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I think I mentioned in a past blog article that I have a brother who worked as a coal miner for many years. He suffered from black lung disease but fortunately, two months ago, he had a successful double lung transplant surgery. He is still recovering and doing very well.
   The ride from my southern home provided lots to see and do. The further north I went the prettier the fall foliage was. The changing leaves were beautiful.

   My sister and I found an arts and crafts festival completely by accident, and I’m so happy we did. As a crafter I was very interested in seeing everything, from handmade creations to booth set up.
   I stumbled across a wonderful sign that for some reason nearly brought tears to my eyes. I showed it to my sister and she snatched it up and said she had to get it. Fortunately the vendor had another one.
   I couldn’t forget my fur babies, so I picked up some handmade catnip toys for them. Oh boy did they love them. I had no sooner dropped the toys on the floor and the fun began.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sign! So sweet. <3