Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

   Happy Halloween! It is the day for candy, costumes and creepy crawlers. In today’s post I will share my version of all three. 
   First, of course, is the candy. How many of you reading this are like me and tend to have to make multiple trips to the store for candy? Maybe one of these years I will buy candy I don’t like. That way it will keep until trick-or-treaters show up.
   I suppose a Halloween costume can range from a full head-to-toe get up, or perhaps some festive handmade jewelry. Check out these fun witch earrings I made. The witches have little bells on the inside that provide a little jingle.
   Oh, the creepy crawlers. Isn’t it time for the spiders to go away? 
   Happy Halloween! Have fun and stay safe!

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