Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wire jig cuff's a wonder I'm not wrapped in wire!

   It should come as no surprise to any of my readers that I enjoy working with wire. I’ve used wire to wrap bracelets, rings and pendants. 
   Adding the wire jig to my crafter’s tool chest expanded my wire jewelry opportunities. One of my favorite pieces to make is a wire-wrapped cuff bracelet.

   Not long after I got the wire jig I used one my creations to enhance a cuff bracelet. You can see my first attempt at this at “Wire jig and wire cuff make for an intricate bracelet.” Then later I used the same approach for another bracelet and earrings. You can see that at “Matching bracelet and earrings...with help from the wire jig.”
   Here is my latest creation using wire and the wire jig. I also include a photo of all three of the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I've made using this method.


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