Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Matching bracelet and earrings...with help from the wire jig

   I used yet another design that came with the wire jig to make a bracelet and matching earrings. 
   I started out trying to make a cuff bracelet for my sister. She liked the first wire jig cuff I made and asked if I could make one a little thinner. Honestly, that’s what I set out to do but I guess I didn’t know my own strength when it came time to pull the two lengths of wire apart. Or maybe I’ve made so many of the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets that I go into auto-pilot mode now when I make them.
   Anyway, this latest wire jig design reminded me of an animal paw print. Can you see it?

   This type of wire cuff can be a little more complicated to make. I can’t just take thin craft wire and weave it onto the frame with beads like I do with the other cuffs. The jig designs require a number of smaller wraps and cuts to fill in small open spaces.
   I decided to go ahead and make some matching earrings. I’m not sure I can call this set my favorite I’ve ever made, but it certainly has inspired me to continue on and fine-tune my skills.

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