Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A different frame for the wire-wrapped cuff bracelet

   I decided to try a different style with the wire-wrapped cuff bracelets I like to make. 
   This style actually isn’t new for me. Months ago when I made my first wire-wrapped cuff bracelet I used this style.

   Once I had the entire length wrapped in wire I shaped it around a soup can. I also formed it around my wrist. I haven’t made too many gold bracelets like this because for some reason I am yet to find a gold wire sturdy enough for a wire cuff frame. You may remember, the silver wire I use for the cuff bracelets is actually from the hardware department.
   I started another one, but heat, humidity and mosquitoes ran me out of the Creative Cave.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving it!!!


Jess said...

Very cool!

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