Sunday, September 29, 2013

My first try at handmade rings

   Well, I decided it was about time I try to make rings. Oh boy has this been an interesting experiment. 
   My sister-in-law recently went through my jewelry inventory and found some pieces she liked, but during the process asked if I had thought about making rings. On several occasions Jules has asked me the same thing. Up until now I have gone as far as pinning ring ideas on Pinterest.
   Here we go. Here are some photos of some rings I’ve made over the last couple of days.

   As you can see, I like twisting the ends of the wire. The main reason for this is to tuck the sharp ends of the wire.
   I do not have a ring mandrel, which is used to size and shape rings. Therefore I do not know what size these rings are, and the shape on some of them isn’t as round as I think it should be. I first used an empty wire spool to get a basic shape. Then, after some searching through some of my junk, I came across a travel perfume bottle. (It isn't glass thank goodness). It is perfectly round and doesn’t have anything large on the ends so I can slip the ring on and off as needed.

   I’m not sure what gauge wire is best for rings. I know I can be rough on my own expensive rings…I’ve broken and bent ring shanks in the past.
   This experience has taught me to read tutorials closely and make sure I am getting all the helpful hints I can find. Oh, and I suppose I should get a ring mandrel.

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