Friday, September 6, 2013

Maybe I should stick with jewelry!

   I completed yet another wire-wrapped cuff bracelet. I should probably get moving on selling some or giving some of them away. I also decided to break away from jewelry for a while and try something else. 
   First, here is a photo of the cuff bracelet.

   The “something else” I tried to make was a decorative key ring. I definitely need to look at some online because I don’t think this looks right. I think I should use ribbon or string instead of wire to attach the beads. Maybe this one just needs dressed up a little more. We’ll see. I may tinker with it some more and share the results in another post.

   Oh, and if the condition of the Creative Cave is any indication of how my day will go, I'd better prepare myself. Here is how I found my easy-dispense wire this morning.

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