Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun yard sale finds!

   Although I consider myself an early bird I got up earlier than usual this morning. I’m anxious to get to the Creative Cave and make more wire jewelry. 
   Jules and I hit up some yard sales again Saturday morning. Once again I found some jewelry pieces I think I can use in my creations. However, the more I look at these pieces the more I am thinking I shouldn't take them apart. They are so pretty!

   In past blog posts I’ve talked about an interest in selling my handmade jewelry at craft shows and festivals. I might have the right sized inventory at this point but I do not have a booth set up. Many of the festival applications require a photo of a crafter’s booth. Well, since I’ve never done a show or festival before I don’t have one. I’ve played around with a set up before and I’m sure I will again. When that time comes I will have some display trays to use. I found five of these for a steal of a deal at a yard sale and had to get them.

   While Jules and I didn’t get lost on this yard sale trip, we did encounter some cute little fellows who seemed interested in us as we drove by.

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Anonymous said...

We almost got lost! LOL!